Milestone: one of the many images from the design statement

Highclere and Penwood Village Design Statement 2002

The Highclere and Penwood Village Design Statement, to which may residents contributed, was adopted as supplementary planning guidance by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council on 18th July 2002. This Introduction briefing sheet, written at the start of the work, explains the background and the importance of village design statements.

You can read the completed statement in any of these .pdf files:
Lowest resolution (2.3 megabytes) - here now Medium resolution (8.5 megabytes) – here soon Highest resolution (21.5 megabytes) - here soon Warning: even the low res file is large; there will be some delay before you see it on your screen and you may find it better to download it to your PC so that you can easily refer to it again rather than needing to download and read it each time.
The main difference between the files is the quality of the photographic images – we suggest that you read the lowest resolution version and only download a higher resolution version if you want to see the pictures at a better standard of reproduction. If you already have Adobe Acrobat on your computer, left-click one of the links above to open the file direct, or right-click to save it to your own computer for reading offline. The village is indebted to those who worked hard to gather information and views and to produce our excellent design statement, especially members of the project team.